• Africa :
    Benin, Ghana, Madagascar, Morocco, Namibia, Senegal, Tanzania, Togo & Tunisia
  • America :
    Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador & Peru
  • Asia :
    Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal & Vietnam
  • Europa :
    Belgium, Canary Islands, France & Italy (Sicily)


  • Accessibility :
    The tours include flexible programmes suitable for anyone from 7 to 70 years old.
  • Dates and seasons :
    Most of our tours can be organised all year round at the date of your choice.
  • Participants :
    Most of our tours can be organised for 2+ or 4+ people
  • Features :
    Peaceful itineraries abounding in riches, a diverse range of programmes, a multiplicity of encounters with the local population, discovery of a variety of scenery, travel by public or private transport, passionate tour leaders...


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"Just like a good read or a heartfelt encounter, a tour based on authenticity becomes a journey that nourishes us. Therefore, it is important to choose it well."


Travels "with a human dimension" : Heartfelt encounters, personal enrichment.

Our tours are based on 2 principles :

  1. the emphasis on human relationships;
  2. Personal experience, based on the idea that we remember best what we experience ourselves.

We have but one goal: to place Man at the heart of our tours, both traveller and local.

We invite you to take a few moments to read the testimonies of our travellers and feel the atmosphere/essence and the heart of our tours.

To do so, please click on the "Testimonies" tab.


The tours we offer actively encourage contact with the local populations and allow you to discover at your own pace while immersing yourself into the local culture.

Our tours focus on 3 themes: "People & encounters", "Nature & hikes", "Culture & traditions".

Equity, mutual respect, listening and experiencing difference are the key values of our tours.

They and are aimed at any person, whatever their age, who wishes to travel "differently": individuals, families or groups of friends.


  • To remain ethical and respectful of all people, of their culture and their environment
  • To participate in local development (by using local structures, redistributing 5% of the profits of the tours to local development projects, etc.)
  • To be in keeping with a sustainable development to the benefit of the local communities; to delve a bit more deeply in their culture and history.
  • To establish original tours combining backroads and sincere encounters with local populations.
  • To preserve a human scale to smoothly, softly and discretely approach these new areas.
  • To open a door ...

... In other words, to allow the traveller to discover the meaning of "Journey", to seize all of its richness in order to, perhaps, give her/him the taste to push further this experience in another place.

"Once upon a time, an architect decided to go looking for open spaces and encounters"

In 2002, Jean-François Delvaulx, an architect, decided to leave his country, his family and his job behind in order to undertake a a journey of discovery in Latin America.

Seduced by the beauty of Ecuador, he remained there for 3 years and set up the "Emotion Planet, travels with a human dimension" travel agency, offering tours that focus on encounters with the local populations.

This travel concept gained in popularity, and at the request of its first travellers, Emotion Planet spread to other destinations.

Today, from France to Mongolia, we invite you to discover and share in a different way of travelling.

"Emotion Planet, the World is never far away when its people aren't foreign to us." Jean-François Delvaulx


Emotion Planet is a network of receptive travel organisations that offer Sustainable Tourism

We are located abroad. We have personally created or collaborated to the creation of every single tour offered on our website.

In your own country, we work in collaboration with partner travel agencies who organize and insure our tours according to local legislation.

Those partners are the ones who will be taking your registration and payment – not Emotion Planet.
Should you request it, those partner agencies can also provide your insurance and plane tickets.

Our role is to remain available for any queries relating to the actual planning and organization of the tour itself.

"Just like a good read or a heartfelt encounter, a tour based on authenticity becomes a journey that nourishes us. Therefore, it is important to choose it well."

Emotion Planet, travels with a human dimension, a few of many comments …

Liberty TV

"MOROCCO hike in the desert",
Duration 7 minutes, © Emotion Planet



Every single one of our participants has written to us and given us their phone number. Their testimony and contact details are available on request.

"A tour based on helping each other, sharing, encounters, respect; full of colours (and sometimes smells too), highly emotionally charged, that changes one’s perspective on life and on our little world back in Belgium. Travelling on local buses: 10/10; staying with the locals: 10/10; visits and guides: 10/10. Perfect organisation. I’ll do it again for other destinations !" - (Carine, 47) "While doing relief work as doctors in Africa, we had thought: "never could a travel agency make it possible to experience this kind of contact with the population". Emotion Planet, without doing relief work, made it possible for us to get to know the local population, and that is priceless – all you need are an open heart and mind. In one word: a brilliant programme which helps one grow. All ages can mix together when they share tolerance, enthusiasm, curiosity, open-mindedness ..." - (Serge, 56, participant) "South America with my 12 year old daughter: what a challenge but what a success! She is still talking about it over a month later! The people, the kindness! That is really the first thing that springs to mind after this unforgettable tour! And the way in which we travelled is what allowed us to truly "touch" this country close up! The rides on local buses with their South-American background music, the amazing scenery plunged us up to our eyeballs into this country! And as for our tour guide! It wasn’t just her professional ability; she had this natural way of giving us freedom while at the same time suggesting activities and giving us advice and information of all kinds. Congratulations! We’d do it over and over again. Without hesitation !!!" - (Michel, 43) "What seduced and "hooked" me were words like "responsible, ethical, human dimension, ecotourism"… those values mean a lot to me. I personally chose to stay with locals, for the same reasons. A real opportunity to discover "the other face" of a country, the one that a "normal" tourist doesn’t get to see. Unpretentious, moving and sometimes touching shared experiences. I truly had the feeling of "getting to know" others. This way of travelling is perfect for me, and those energising encounters made up wonderfully for the lack of sleep, sometimes due to the difficult living conditions! Moreover, this opportunity made it possible for me to improve my level of Spanish. As to the tour and its organisation, they were flawless. Very dense, maybe a bit too much so, but the use made of the available time was optimal. I could never have discovered such fabulous places in such a short time had I been travelling on my own: in short, much time is saved. The landscapes, both of the Amazon rainforest and of the Andes range, were breathtaking, full of beauty.Pure happiness to my eyes !" - (Christine, 56) "A lovely route, a lovely concept for a fabulous country. Great flexibility on the part of the organisers so the programme could be personalised. Far from routine and luxury, close to the locals. To be highly recommended to a target audience of Ecotourism." - (François, 52) "Magnificent sceneries and unforgettable moments with a surprising culture. Our minds are still full of memories and images. The memory of those dunes with their sunbathed curves, their shadows and their almost surrealistic shapes. The memory of those evenings around the campfire, with the beat of the songs, dances and percussions of our hosts dressed in blue. The great atmosphere within the group added a sizeable extra dimension to this tour! Everything was perfect! I can’t wait for more! - (Candice, 31) "A friendly and very helpful team. No respite, no wasted time... every day something different is discovered (landscapes, population, ...)" - (Brigitte, 53) "A tour full of adventures and discoveries through the Moroccan desert. A smooth organisation that gives the travellers a feeling of freedom... A magnificent country with its varied settings and hospitable population. Real camping in the desert, a guaranteed change of scene, unforgettable memories." - (Jean-Marc, 43) "Emotion Planet keeps its promises all through this hike with camels: an intense human adventure in harmony with the land and its inhabitants. This tour goes off the beaten track (away from mass tourism) while remaining accompanied – but not too much so. Surprising discovery of a part of the Moroccan desert that reveals endless contrasted landscapes, and encounter with its population in the midst of their daily activities. A few days that go by at the rhythm of time… which has a completely different value over there… what a lovely adventure!" - (Loulia, 33) "A different face of Morocco, more intimate and more welcoming. The authenticity and simplicity of the atmosphere during the tour replenished our energy. Good overall organisation except for a few exceptions (no fixed timetable, planned visit of Marrakech was cancelled, no map of the route taken). Great concept! Excellent travelling memories." - (Marie-Eve, 33) "Imagine a sun-bathed country with breathtaking landscapes. A population with an unparalleled sense of welcome and hospitality. Getting to know warm, simple people who change our previous image of the Moroccan Community for good. A hike with camels at the heart of the contrasts outlined by mountains, stones, palm trees and dunes. A stroll around Berber villages, a wander about the typical markets. A mix of flavours: mint tea, tagines, couscous, oranges with cinnamon. Dinner on a mat in the shade of acacia trees. The sun setting behind the sand dunes. Joyful moments around the campfire to the melody of our camel drivers’ music and songs. Complete peace of mind for the traveller ensured by the professionalism of a very caring and enthusiastic team. An immersion into a life a thousand miles away from ours, that emphasizes openness to difference as well as cultural and human enrichment. Our eyes are still full of images, our ears still echo with laughter, our head is full of memories and our heart full of emotions... That is what an Emotion Planet hike in the desert with camels is all about!" - (Marie, 32) "A country rich in colours, contrasts and landscapes. Meeting the inhabitants was a real lesson in humility and life! A great organisation for an unequalled travelling concept! An unforgettable week thanks to so many memorable moments! A big thank you to everyone for this fantastic week!" - (Julien, 24) "A very beautiful tour in Costa Rica! Ever since we came back, not a day goes by without us thinking or talking about this magnificent tour to Costa Rica to our family and friends. They tell us they feel we are different since. The truth is, we really appreciated the splendid nature, but also the human contacts. All of this was very enriching for us. We have photos for memories, but we're left with so much more. Thank you again for this beautiful tour." - (Mireille & Jacques) "I would like to thank you once again for what you managed to share with us, your passion for man and for nature. This is my 6th tour, and even though all of them were enriching to me, this is the one that has brought me most on the human level. We have learned so much." - (Marie-France) "Just like after each tour I make, I am taking some time to gather my thoughts. A big thank you for the professional staff you have been able to provide. Working in tourism myself, I know what I am talking about: everything was perfect. I wish you all the best for the future. - (Philippe) "We really want to thank you for making us discover the riches of Costa Rica (fauna, flora, sceneries, locals). On top of your professionalism, we appreciated your human values. We will remember this tour for a very long time. It is now up to us to share it with others. Thanks for everything." - (Monique & Yves) "Thank you a thousand times. I am very satisfied with this tour and delighted with the beauty of the very varied landscapes and the kindness of the people we met. I will remember this tour very fondly, especially as it has changed some of my previous conceptions. I find it difficult to sleep, there are still so many things passing through my mind and my eyes (forest, birds, flowers, sceneries)... I wish you many more beautiful hikes and a lot of happiness." - (Marie) "We have come home safely, getting back to work has been a bit hard. All those wonderful moments we experienced during 15 days are still in our minds. Thank you for your everlasting availability and kindness." - (Guy) "Back in our cold, misty Bourgogne, we really want to thank you for this adventure, which we experienced very profoundly and with no little emotion! It is now time for us to go sleep a little without the noises of the forest! Thank you again for your kindness!" - (Marie-Claude & Jean-Claude)


Liberty TV

"Terre solidaire", Liberty TV,
Duration 13 minuts


Emotion Planet, travels with a human dimension : concept and testimonies ("adults and families" tours). Presentation of the travelling concept of Emotion Planet by its creator and comments of 3 travellers who relate their tour in their own words and reveal the heart of the project.

Liberty TV

"Carton Rouge", Liberty TV,
Duration 13 minutes


Emotion Planet, travels with a human dimension : concept and testimonies ("young people and students" tours). Presentation of the travelling concept of Emotion Planet by its creator and testimonies of one teacher and 2 students who relate their tour in their own words and reveal the heart of the project. Emotion Planet, travels with a human dimension : concept and testimonies.

Emotion Planet is presently available to the Francophone market, mainly in Belgium.
Today, we would like to extend our services.

Emotion Planet is looking for :


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  • You are a travel agency or a tour operator :
    You are looking to meet the increasing demand from clients wishing to travel differently, or you would simply like to diversify what you offer: we can help you. Contact us.
  • You are a member of a board or a manager and you wish to provide special conditions for your team or to start a promotional campaign. Contact us.
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You are self-employed, or you are a receptive travel agency; you share our philosophy and would like Emotion Planet to offer your tours. Contact us.


You would like to volunteer abroad, our project description inspires you to get involved and to discover new cultures. Contact us.

NB : Emotion Planet is not recruiting any paid EMPLOYEES at the moment.